Dr. Mauras 's patience and care in helping me with my foot issues are greatly appreciated. I should have made an appointment years ago. -GT

Thank you for saving (his ) left foot and leg. Sincerely, CB & MB

Dr. Mauras has been great in helping me with my foot problems. Three years ago when I first came to her, I could barely be on my feet for more than a couple of hours. She was able to help me a great deal, and 6 months ago (when) I began having problems again, she came to my rescue again. I trust her a great deal in solving my (foot) problems. -DP

Thank you so much for coming to Hood River – we really do need you. -RC

The surgery and taking time to mend paid off, because for the last 3 months I’m able to walk 2 ½ miles a day and work in my gardens. My foot feels great and my toes are straight and beautiful. Thank you Dr. Mauras for your skills to ‘fix’ my foot, but mostly for your wonderful patience and caring attitude! -BS

Dr. Mauras is exceptionally competent, patient, calm and not pushy…besides being a sweet intelligent lady! -HF

Thank you for the wonderful care you have been providing. I have never had a physician who has truly cared the way you have. Thank you. -KS

Dr. Mauras is very kind, efficient and caring with her procedures. -JY

I think of you almost daily in the joy of healed feet! It is so wonderful that after 5 years, I can walk with no pain. Your surgery was amazing. Thank you. -AB

My first visit with Dr. Mauras was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone with foot issues. Her shots are painless, and her countenance is always uplifting. -CC

Thank you for your excellent care regarding my foot issues. I appreciate your attentiveness to my needs. You and your staff demonstrated excellence: -MCA

  • Facility cleanliness - Excellent
  • Listening skills- Excellent
  • Podiatry education - Excellent
  • Care of my feet - Excellent
  • Responding to my questions - Excellent
  • Use of Technology - Very useful, Excellent


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